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April 08, 2006


Benjalina Jolie

Do horses still get made into dog food and glue? I like the polka-dotted pony, and honey, you're among the few people on this planet who can get away with patterns on patterns - but it just doesn't seem just *so*.

I like dappled-grey ponies for sentimental reasons, and he definitely resembles 'Bintang Terang' (lit. 'Bright Star' in Malay') Actually he was a bit more stocky and his ears were always laid back - and believe you me, laid back ain't always a good thang.

But I'll guest blog about my one and only bona fide riding holiday in Malaysia at some other point.

Benjalina Jolie

Re: "But I think I'm slowly realizing that with horses, as with people, when you're ready to go steady, it's worth taking the time to wait for Mr. Right, as opposed to Mr. Just O.K."

Except that (based on my humble and mostly humbling) experiences with women - also considered people - it's difficult to know when Mr./Ms. O.K. will evolve over time into Mr./Ms. Right, right?

It's a bit like this: we all know Renata Tebaldi had a better voice compared to Maria Callas; however, we worship Callas because of her magnificent stage presence, and her acting and interpretive skills.

I've asked other ex-s and pals about the differences between female and male horses, and there's little performative/qualitative difference between them.

Do you think you could ever fall for a female horsie?


Sadly, Mr. polka dots has been sold already.
It's true that performance-wise, there's no difference between mares and geldings, although those in the know say that mares tend to bond with their riders more strongly and therefore try harder for you. But they can also be incredibly finicky, unpredictable and bitchy--unlike the males, they don't get, ahem, "fixed". One day they'll be docile angels, the next they'll be squealing with their ears pinned back, trying to bite your hand off. The best you can do is put them on some pill that stops them from going into heat every few weeks. Geldings, as a rule, are more tractable and less moody. As a woman who's ridden her whole life told me,when I asked her if I should consider getting a mare, "why would anybody want to sit on a 1,500-pound PMSing animal?" I haven't ridden many mares; I can still be clumsy and a quiet gelding is not as likely to get pissed off by my mistakes. The only time I've ever been bucked off clearly on purpose (as opposed to the horse spooking at something, or losing my balance over a jump and falling) was on a mare that I was obviously pissing off.

Benjalina Jolie

i'm not sure why anyone would ever want to sit on 1,500 lbs of any moving quadraped in the first place...but that's just me. ;)

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