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May 04, 2006


Benjalina Jolie

In yesterday's Review and Sports section of the Glib & Stale, there was a photograph of a badly-named horse baring its teeth. Gross.

Keyed Entry. A much better name for a software developer or security protocols specialist.

Badly-named horses (and people) embarrass me, for some reason. And there's nothing worse than an inappropriately named horse.


This mare was most unfortunately named: Wilma. She was *so* not a Wilma!

Benjalina Jolie

Did you see that horse getting a sponge bath on the cover page of the Glib & Stale? Most content and satisfied, almost smug, I'd say!


Hey BAR, Just read the section in Lawrence Scanlan's “Little Horse of Iron” where he goes horse shopping and enumerates what to look for, body part by body part. It was enough to make my head spin. Being successful strikes me as requiring a lot of time and patience, not to mention a good backroad vehicle. Anyway keep me informed. With the price of gas maybe a hayburner is just what us urban folks need to get around. Probably do wonders for work/life issues too. Perhaps your ideal mount will turn up in Bermuda!


Hey MM!

My coach has found some of her nicest ponies and school horses at these depressing back 40 auctions in smelly little mill towns up and down the Ottawa River. We stuck to the known and reputable, though (primarily for me rookie benefit--I probably would have run screaming fomr some of these sketchier places). But if you read my latest entry, you'll see that the search is over. Thank God--I'd hate to see the shipping costs of bringing a horse over from Bermuda!

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